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For example, they send face pictures, they talk about various details openly. So we exchange pictures, I send my address and they come over. They have a lot of various concerns, issues, baggage, and so on that they have to work through in order to meet a gay guy. I have a friend who is ambiguously straight who had very specific ideas of what he wanted to do but at the same time very much not direct about his desires. So for example, he was talking about wanting to stay overnight, and I thought he wanted to stay overnight.

Later, it became clear to me that he wanted to be penetrated. And I understood but at the same time I shook my head a little bit. These are the kind of mind games that straight guys play. So straight guys require comparatively more work and handling. Hook up apps are your best bet. Alternatively Craig's list has a very active m4m section, again say you're straight and just want sex and you'll get plenty of interest.

I would encourage you to be up front about what you do and don't want to do sexually when talking to potential meets - if you're only willing to be sucked off with no reciprocation to them then say that, you don't need to pretend to be open to things to convince people to have sex with you. There are a lot of gay guys who really get off on the idea of servicing a straight guy and not getting touched back, so if that's what you want then you have a ready market of people to meet. It's really not a good thing to do to pretend to be okay with giving them something sexually in return then when they turn up say you're actually not willing to, or even worse get what you want them tell them to leave.

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Don't be that guy. As you are straight or wanna be called a straight ,you can easily get gay hook ups. Find out which gay dating app is most popular in your country.

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Planet Romeo and Grindr are most popular all over. Those apps will show users nearby your location. If you live in a metro city you will find hookups easily and very near to you.

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Good luck. Happy hunting. Its a quick and dirty hookup site that shows guys in your area on a map and all the local hookup spots in your area.

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Its not full of spam or fakes like a lot of the other sites and the guys on there are looking for quick action. Gay hookup and dating sites come with an expectation of honesty and support and acceptance of gay culture. Participation comes with a responsibility to respect the members of that community.

While it's not necessary to identify as gay best practice would be diplomatically outlining your desires and meeting members with a matched level of transparency. Sign In. What's the best way to find a gay hook-up for a straight guy on the DL? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. A bathhouse is a great place to neutralize all those concerns. Be safe, and play hard. First of all, you make the incorrect assumption that all gay and bi men are in the closet. Gay men, in most parts of the country, at least, are able to live openly.

At work. Oh wait — MeToo — maybe not so much there anymore.

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At church. At the gym. All of the other gay and bi men I have met—been friends with, had sex with, dated—I have met elsewhere, whether on other social networks or in physical locations like bars and clubs. Craigslist, from my perspective, was never that important; there were always other ways to me up with people, often better ways.

The profiles on apps, for instance, can say incomparably more than an old Craiglist ad ever could. There are a lot of gay dating options, but the first thing you have to decide is which site works best for you. My friend was recently looking for a good gay dating site and found that picking sites that had free memberships he could give a few a try and see which ones he liked. He joined recently and has already been on a couple dates. The other thing worth checking, is whether the online site you choose has members in your area.

It's not going to do you much good if the guys a plane ride away I also have done my fair share of online dating. The other piece of advice I'd give you is at first you don't succeed, try try again.

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It's not the miracle cure for finding "the one", but give it some real effort and it can be a lot of fun! And who knows, maybe it's your fate and you'll meet the man of your dreams!

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How are gay and bi-men connecting now that Craigslist is not an option? Here are some ways gay and bi men found each other this is an non-exhaustive list:. So, as you can see, gay and bi men have no shortage of ways to connect with one another if they choose. You mean for like sex?

We use Scruff. Just company for the evening. By adequate, I mean, meh. But there you have it.

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Answer Wiki. Bi or gay. Where can a bi man find other bi men discreetly? What site replaced Craigslist gay personals? Where are people going to replace Craigslist personals? Why is Craigslist, Craigslist? At the grocery store. On the subway. Through friends. You get the idea.