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Central Park Rambles

If you're him dark shorts and blue sweater , I'd love a repeat performance! Gay Travel Guide. Login Sign Up. Follow Us: Burnaby City Map Events gyms areas.

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Suburban types. Who's Coming Suburban types. Please be discreet.

Cruisiest Spots: Near the Kingsway parking lot gate locked at 10pm. Parking lot off Boundary can also be very busy. Wheelchair Accessible: No Warnings: Not much place left to play during daylight.

Central Park

Photo Gallery Videos. The terrors of leaving his closet were more real to him than the terrors of the night. The Ramble is a beautiful setting for such horrors. Around these sheltering trees, around the asphalt walkways that wind through the Ramble, are man-tall thickets of bushes.

Rendezvous in the Ramble

There have always been parts of our city that have served as gay cruising areas: But Central Park West, and particularly the Ramble, has retained its popularity for 50 years. The afternoon after I talked to Paul, I met Jerry, an attractive man of medium build in his mid-thirties, sitting on top of a large outcropping of rock in the middle of the Ramble.

His T-shirt hanging out of his back pocket and his tanned runner's legs dangling his Adidas over the edge of the rock, Jerry tells of the first time he heard about the Ramble.

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  5. It was the only place I had heard of where I could find someone who was like me. So, the second night after I got back to New York, in , I went there in the early evening, right after work. My God, I never knew there were so many gay people!

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    For the first time I didn't feel like a freak. I was shy but people were so open I soon got over that. The Tunnel is the most active group-sex scene in that area of the park. Some nights it will be crowded wall to wall with men until four in the morning. It is nearly 6: Their shirts open to the waist, their ties loose around their necks, they grin, shake hands, and stroll lazily off in opposite directions.

    Other businessmen on their way home mingle with hundreds of balding cyclists, long-haired students, tight-clothed young Hispanics wearing gold crosses, clean-cut preppies, middle-aged dog walkers, and the most ordinary-looking of men as they wander, quietly, stopping occasionally to chat, to greet old friends, to make new ones, or to sit contemplatively with a book or a joint. Some take a partner home.