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Yeah, some are smoking hot, have an unbelievably sensual air about them, and have incredible bodies.

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The longest cock I've ever seen belonged to a Cuban guy, too and he was only 5'4" tall. But not all Actually a lot are ordinary-looking -- wouldn't warrant a second glance.

Hundreds take part in gay pride parade in Cuba

Despite that, they all seem to think no matter what their appearance that all they have to do is mention that they're Cuban and they're automatically in your pants. And a lot of them are crazy and view safe sex as a completely foreign concept.

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Cuban dudes: I can take 'em or leave 'em. And probably more often leave 'em. R10, Cubans don't need to get married to get a green card in this country. All they have to do is show up, they are given lavish benefits that not even you and I as taxpaying citizens are allowed to have, and after one year they are automatically given a green card.

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Illegals pay 13 billion dollars into payrol taxes, money they can never get back because they cannot file. The children can get education and they can get emergency medial care but cannot get welfare or food stamps no matter what Dtrumpf and Faux News says. R13, um no YOU are clearly the ignorant one in this case. Have you ever heard of a little thing called the Cuban Adjustment Act? Read a little bit into it and you'll realize how much of ignorant, judgmental ass you've made yourself out to be. Furthermore, where in my post did I mention illegal immigrants?

The answer: Btw, the way that Cubans are currently accessing a life in the USA is perfectly legal, shitforbrains. Ive got scads of relatives in Miami as my mother is Cuban , and in the 80s I spent much time down there slinging coke and sleeping with all kinds of Cuban men. In my experience , Cuban men can be very good looking and very macho , but most are average and uncut. Mind you , Im talking about the " white " Cubans.

There IS a difference. Yea I live in Miami and most Cuban guys and Caribbean gay men in general are masculine and tops. It makes it difficult picking out which ones are gay and which ones aren't. Its also difficult here if you like more feminine type guys.

With the "opening up" of Cuba, do you think the laws about letting them emigrate to the US will change so that they're no longer afforded the special treatment they currently enjoy? Had a hookup with a half Cuban once. First five mins was painful Then 30 seconds later was bliss. Think I passed out and he was still going! Oh good. I can dry my eyes and maybe, just maybe one of these Cuban hunks will become my lover and help me to be relevant once more They'll be driving 'rentboy' prices down in every major city in the US.

Law of supply and demand.

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Initially, the Castro regime was extremely homophobic, one of the most in the world. They were out to make every bale of political hay they could by bashing gays. I understand things have eased up considerably now - something about a niece. On the passion scale, I'd place Cuban men on the same level as Brazilian men. Apparently, the police get involved. I don't know if this one is gay-related or not, though. However, it wouldn't surprise me if it were.

I like their rice and beans. Where is Gloria Estefan during all this?

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Shouldn't she be leading a massive Conga line that runs the length of the island? Or at least singing that awful "Get on Your Feet" song to the people toiling in the star cane fields? John Cecada? One poster is correct. Cultural prejudice may permeate public attitudes, though not as much as you may think, but the governmental attitude is quite welcoming of gays. No le echen la culpa a los americanos, como mismo hubo revolucion en el 59, puede haber otra….. If I understood your Spanish , you seem to be saying that the hard economic conditions in Cuba are due to internal problems rather than the 54 year-old U.

S war on that economy. In order to be objective to any degree, you have to place the bulk of the blame upon the actions of a very hostile United States. As a Latin American and especially a Cuban , you should be well aware that any attempt by any Latin American country in the last century to have anything other than a capitalist economy has been met by the U. It is the explicit aim of the ongoing.

S would necessitate the sort of slaughter that the U. S committed in Vietnam in order to have its way and which is something even the Cheneys in the U. S government dare not even think about. You will not even respect the opinion of a Spanish-speaking person likely Cuban who also as likely has lived her life in Cuba. Proof positive, I guess, that you know more about Cuba than Cubans. As Mikhail Bakunin said: In short, a desperate country without dignity for most. I go past Yara if I take my daughter to Copeglia moneda nacional side.

I guess I have seen some Jineteros there, but nothing shocking.. Nothing at all like you could see in Zurich or Manilla, or Cali. We are talking about the national epicenter of where this sex trade exists, and it is not even that noticeable. A smarter version of black propaganda.

It offers apparent balance and allows differing views, but on the whole it paints a very dark, hopeless view of Cuban society. I never have. I am an attorney. For those same 20 years I have gained intimate familiarity with the lives of thousands of working class and underclass Americans and immigrants. Going to prison, losing their children, losing their jobs, or being deported. Lives rife with alienation, hopelessness, addiction and violence. The same exists in Cuba, of course, but in my opinion, to a much lesser degree.

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Most of the Cuban immigrants I deal with agree with me on that. How many prostitutes in Manila or Zurich are college-educated engineers or architects? In Cuba, this is not uncommon. Available Now. My Hashtags:. Miami, FL. Map Me. Treat Yourself to the Best. Mat Mills. Artur O. Arni Strong. Boston April ; Ft Lauderdale April Hung Vers, All Man.

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